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Free evidence-based Nonpartisan Science and Education About Her Metabolism

Her Metabolism is a Minnesota USA Nonprofit, with 501(c)(3) status pending, offering free nonpartisan evidence-based science and education about her metabolism.


Help: Donations of Money, Material, Time, or Expertise

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Updated and Verified: July 23, 2024 (News page records significant changes.)

Donations are for helping Her Metabolism to reach its goals. To set up a donation, contact us. Many donations will be tax-deductible, once her Metabolism secures 501c3 status.

Legal Status of Donations

Currently, no donations to Her Metabolism are tax-deductible because Her Metabolism does not yet have 501c3 status - but we are working on that.

Money Donations

Ongoing Expenses

Donation Tiers

Coming up.

Current Donors

Coming up.

General Help

Not all donations are money. Lots of other help is welcomed, needed, and appreciated. Here is a list of some current non-money needs that would help HerMetabolism.org:

Word of mouth

Sharing the pages is a big help.

Web Development, Commenting System

HerMetabolism.org needs a self-hosted commenting system. (Besides HTML and CSS, HerMetabolism.org is built on mostly PHP, with some javascript.)

Web Development, Share Function

The print, email, and share buttons only work reliably on desktop. Of course, the buttons should work on mobile too. For now, on mobile, printing works on a few mobile browsers, and all mobile browsers generate an SSL warning that prevents the functionality of all sharing buttons. (Besides HTML and CSS, HerMetabolism.org is built on mostly PHP, with some javascript.)

Medical, Legal, and Metabolic Advice

Here in the USA, it is generally illegal and a bad idea for anyone but a jurisdiction-licensed physician to give medical advice, anyone but a jurisdiction-licensed attorney to give legal advice, anyone but a jurisdiction-licensed nutritionist or registered dietician to give metabolic advice, and so forth. This website's information is generally incomplete to predict how applying it may affect a given visitor - because the effects depend on the person's unique circumstances and characteristics.

So, here is the only medical, legal, and metabolic advice on this website: None of this website is individualized medical, legal, or metabolic advice. It is general information. You should not try to apply any of this information to your life, unless you know what you are doing. Generally, the governments of USA's jurisdictions (states and territories) declare two things through law:

  1. Without the guidance of a jurisdiction-licensed physician, attorney, or nutritionist: you do not know what you are doing, so it is unwise and unsafe for you to make too many decision about your medical, legal, and metabolic status and circumstances, and
  2. no one but a licensed physician, attorney, or nutritionist can safely and effectively advise you about those statuses and circumstances - thus, it is generally illegal for anyone else to try.

Obviously, those standards are extremely conservative, if not heavy-handed. However, one should remember that many of those people in government who uphold such strict standards have seen the stuff of nightmares: predictable, preventable, terrible consequences when the least capable and least conscientious people make the worst decisions - whether medically, legally, nutritionally, or otherwise. So, it is not wildly unreasonable to promote - even to legally command - erring on the safe side. Still, various jurisdictions do provide some exceptions to those exceptionally strict standards under law.

Here in Minnesota (and in many other U.S. states and territories) a person can help you with certain aspects of your medical, legal, and metabolic status and circumstances - even when that person is not formally licensed by the jurisdiction. Minnesota, for example, allows various people besides licensed nutritionists and registered dieticians to give metabolic advice and guidance: certain Complementary and Alternative Health Care providers, which Minnesota allows under law. Minn. Stat. ยง 146A. Thus, one need not feel completely locked into the strict standards listed above (though jurisdictions do typically still hold alternative providers to certain basic standards under law). Instead, in the USA, one can discuss the information on this website, and receive guidance about it, from various experts - whether jurisdiction-licensed or not. Meanwhile, this thorough and smart-sounding notice and explanation should not tempt any visitor into having any extra trust for the information in this website. At most, as the saying goes: "trust but verify."


Dr. R. Floyd Lindquist

Her Metabolism: Founder, Treasurer, Secretary, Lead Data Scientist, and Director of Communications and Research

PhD (Thanatology), PsyD (Psychology), DLP (Law and Policy), MPH (Nutrition & Epidemiology), MS (Nutrition), MA (Counseling)


Her Metabolism is a Minnesota Nonprofit (with 501c3 status pending)